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One of the many commercial roofing solutions we offer at Professional Quality Roofing, LLC. Re-roofing is when a new roof gets installed over an existing roof, without removing and disposing of the old roofing system.

This option minimizes disturbance to tenants and customers alike. Therefore, a business can remain open during the re-roofing process. As a matter of fact, this is the most cost effective way to get a new roof.

In conclusion, choosing a knowledgeable commercial roofing contractor like Professional Quality Roofing, LLC will save you headaches and money over the long run. Our team will perform the necessary tests to determine if a re-roof is the best option for your commercial building.

commercial re-roofing


The removal of all existing roofing layer(s) and roofing components down to the roof deck. For example, wall flashings, coping metals, built up roof, cover board, roof insulation and underlayment. There are many benefits to a full tear-off.

First, a full tear-off removes weight and pressure off the structure of the building. Second, our team gets a clear picture of the state of the roof deck. Any weak spots and dry rot will get repaired and reinforced. Third, exhaust fans such as kitchen and bathroom fans, currently trapping moisture in the attic space or in the roofing system will get properly vented. Lastly, a new energy-efficient and long-lasting roof assembly can get installed.

In conclusion, a full tear-off is more costly up front and it can be more disruptive for a business and their customers. But a more energy-efficient roof assembly will also save a building owner thousands of dollars in the long run. A full tear-off is one of our most popular roofing solutions that we offer.

commercial roof tear-off

Metal Retrofit

Metal retrofitting is another one of our roofing solutions that we offer. This is done by installing a new membrane roof over a metal roof without  removing and disposing of the metal roof panels.

First, pre-cut flute filler insulation gets placed between the metal flutes. Second, another layer of insulation is added to ensure a flat and smooth surface. Finally,  a new membrane roof is fastened over the insulation.

  • Minimal business disruption.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Energy savings.

Retrofitting a metal roof requires minimal prep work with minimal business disruption. Thus, allowing business to continua as usual. Our team understands how important it is for a business to remain opened and avoid loss of revenue.

Reduced operating costs and energy savings are the two most important befits a building owner gets from a metal retrofit.  Lower utility bills will be noticeable immediately. Additional insulation for a higher R-value and a reflective, energy-efficient roof membrane are the reasons why. These two will keep the inside of the building cool during the hot summer time and warm during the cold winter.

commercial roof retrofitting

New Construction

Here at Professional Quality Roofing, LLC, as a commercial roofing company in Silverton, Oregon, about 50% of all our projects for the last 11 years have been and still are new construction projects.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Years of experience working with new construction projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of roof assemblies.
  • We work well with other subs.
  • We’re very accommodating of work schedules.

First, we have an experienced team who deals with roofing blue prints and details day in and day out. Often, our team helps the building owner or GC catch architectural errors early on the bidding process, which helps to minimize change orders later on.

Second, by having extensive knowledge of roof assemblies. We can substitute roofing materials and installation methods to meet specific goals. Such as a 20-Year NDL roof warranty with Consequential Damage, fully adhered installation for higher wind up-lift requirements, and  R-values to meet required energy codes.

Third, we work well with the other subcontractors. This helps avoid delays in the schedule and reduces the amount of call backs.

Finally,  our team understands that in the new construction world, a minor set back can cause delays for the GC and their subs. Therefore, we plan ahead and keep constant communication with the GC to make sure the project runs smooth without delays.

new construction roofing

Preventive Roof Maintenance Plan

A preventive roof maintenance plan is a necessity now days for property owners and property management companies. A roofing solution that will save them time, money and many sleepless nights.


  • Prolongs the life of the roof.
  • Increases the performance of the roof.
  • Avoids voiding the roof warranty.
  • Saves money by avoiding early roof replacement.

Call us at 971-570-8585 to have our team help you maintain your roof.  We offer free roof inspections, roof assessment and many roofing solutions to our commercial roofing customers.

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