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The story of Professional Quality Roofing, LLC started in the spring of 2008 when my coworkers, uncles, father and myself suddenly found ourselves without a source of income and red negative numbers in our bank accounts due to the shortage of work during the recession.

I graduated from Kennedy High school, class of 2005 in Mt. Angel, Oregon. My father and uncles were working at the time for a commercial roofing contractor company out of Salem installing single-ply roofing systems (membrane roofs) all over the West coast and the Hawaiian islands. They asked me if I wanted to make some money over the summer working down in New Mexico, while I decided what to do with my future.  I agreed, and the next day we drove down for 32 straight hours to Albuquerque and got to work!

The next four years I spent the majority of my time traveling from state to state roofing on roof tops, where I became obsessed  with making mechanically attached parapet walls look like they were fully adhered to the point where I was betting my lunch money with the other guys in the crew to see who could do it better. I also learned very quickly the importance of quality work, craftsmanship and the value hard work. During the rainy months in Oregon, the company I was working for would fly me down to Oahu where I would spent 1-3 months installing PVC, Duro-Last roofing systems on existing public storages, hospitals in Kailua with concrete roof decks, old building with Chinese decorations in downtown Honolulu, and restaurants in Waipahu where I caught myself many times starring at the lava colored sunsets over the historic Pearl Harbor. During the spring time, I’d find myself in Las Vegas roofing new apartment buildings and during the summer time I was back in Oregon and Washington tearing off existing asphalt built up roofing systems almost daily and I loved it.

Fast forward to almost four years later and the market just crashed. The company I was working for was not able to find work for all of us and after a few months of hoping and praying they could find us work, I gave up and took it upon myself to do something about it. I decided to open up my own company, which may have not seemed like a great idea at the time considering the fact that a lot of successful roofing contractors were going out of business and I didn’t have any sort of business degree or background under my belt. I did not let that stop me from studying hard to obtain my CCB license and two months later on May 16th, 2008, Professional Quality Construction, LLC was born.

Today, we’ve been in business for over 10-years but now as Professional Quality Roofing, LLC and our business and customers keep on growing .  We’re still a family owned and operated roofing contractor located in the beautiful small town of Silverton,  just 19 miles east of Salem, Oregon. We’re proudly serving the Willamette Valley area and neighboring communities including Portland. We specialize in commercial and and residential roofing solutions. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and a fun and safe working environment for all of our employees. Our team will always go the extra mile for our customers to ensure we earn their trust, respect and business. We share a commitment to maintaining the highest standard of quality work, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction because we know our company’s success depends on it.

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