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High Performing PVC Roofing

Top 10 reasons for choosing the high performing PVC roofing system

1) Highly reflective and emittance qualities that increase energy savings that helps reduce a roof system’s total life-cycle cost and conserves limited resources.

2) PVC membranes have a low carbon footprint compared to other products like TPO or EPDM. A typical PVC may have only 44% carbon versus the common standard which is almost 100% for TPO or EPDM.

3) Because of the prefabrication process and the PVC membrane’s flexibility ease of welding, some PVC membranes are custom prefabricated specifically to each roofing job.

4) PVC is a completely recyclable material, so almost no fabrication scrap goes to landfills, and post-consumer membranes can be re-utilized.

5) Strict quality assurance procedures are followed during manufacturing, and so the PVC roofing system performance is enhanced, minimizing maintenance issues and maximizing performance.

6) Inclusive of a chlorine component, PVC roofing membranes are inherently fire resistant, making it much easier to achieve Class ‘A’ fire ratings with PVCs than with other roofing systems.

7) As a waterproofing component, PVC membranes work well as rooftop photovoltaic systems that provide renewable energy and reduce the dependence on non-renewable sources

8) Supporting vegetative systems, the PVC roofing supports durability and waterproofing characteristics; And vegetative roofing reduces a building’s overall energy consumption and water runoff.

9) Some PVC roofing systems boasting over 30 years of proven quality. This long-lasting, tested system increases the life of your roof and reduces total life cycle costs.

10) With a rock solid warranty, this helps reduce roofing life-cycle costs and gives you peace of mind.

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