Momente Bar, Mt. Angel, Oregon

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185 E. Charles St. Mt. Angel, OR 97362

Project Description

We’re thrilled when we get a chance to work on projects in our small communities. This particular building used to be Frank-N-Steins tavern in the heart of Mt. Angel.  A local contractor recommended us to the building owner who was about to start a full remodel of the existing building. The owner wanted to open up a more updated, upbeat bar where the locals could come together and share their memories of growing up in Mt. Angel.


Our sales team was able to create a detailed plan covering all the needs of the existing building:


  1. Remove the existing roofing system down to the deck.
  2. Bring the building up to the required energy code by the State of Oregon by installing rigid insulation over the roof deck.
  3. Provide a Class A fire-rating roof assembly.
  4. Furnish and install an energy-efficient roofing system with a 15-year NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranty with consequential damages.


Outcome: Another high-quality roofing project by our team and one more satisfied customer!

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